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Blue Needle is a Web Development and Internet Information Consultancy services firm located in Seattle Washington and led by Myk OLeary. We are able to help startups, individual, and small to medium sized business with a full range of services from web design and application development to domain name registration to hosting solutions to search engine optimization. If you need a home on the Internet or need to fix up the one you have, give us a call to set up a free informational interview to determine your needs.

See the services section for examples of what we're able to offer. We offer these services on both a contract and retainer basis for full flexibility to meet your needs. All work is detailed ahead of time so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.

Once you've contracted to work with us, you'll be provided quick access to updates and questions via phone or e-mail. We strive for the quickest turn around possible, but depending on the hour of contact and scope of the request, we may not be able to fully service it until the next day.


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/ Services

Broken out below are our most commonly requested services. If you're in need of a solution or just plain old good advice on a topic not listed, just let us know and we'll tell you if we can help.

Internet Presence

  • Domain name research and reservation
  • Web Site hosting research and reservation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web Site creation and maintanance
  • Linking Web Site to back end database for dynamic content
  • Creating ASP, RoR, JSP, or PHP based web applications
  • Email solutions that match your domain name
  • Usability studies of your Web Site

Business Services

  • Internet Service provider reccomendations (your 'pipe' to the Internet)
  • Cell phone plan optimization
  • Computer equipment reccomendations
  • Wireless network creation
  • Web browsing monitoring solutions
  • Web content filtering solutions
  • Training and knowledege transfer sessions
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Asset management


  • Do you even need a Web Site?
  • What Web Site features fit your customer base
  • Adding value to your Web Site to create reasons to return
  • Creating and interpreting Web Site logs and statistics reports

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/ About Myk (mini CV)


I have worked on projects in the following industries/sectors: Internet presence provision, operating system software, mobile software, mobile PIM (personal information management) software, home networking software, online music concerts, video collaboration, and home energy usage.


My priorities with any project are team, culture, and product over the technologies used to build it. I have been around the block enough to adapt to unknown technologies, but you can't easily retrofit a good cultural fit or a poorly situated product.


  • CSS based presentation; JavaScript programming including use of AJAX, DOM, jQuery, and jQuery plugins; Dynamic content presentation via PHP, RoR (Ruby on Rails), JSP/Velocity, and ASP.
  • Localizing applications built in RoR and Java - interfacing with localizers, coding the presentation layer to accept localizations, maintaining localization files, and adapting back end code to support localization.
  • Bridging the communication gap between marketing/SMBs and the technology that enables them.


Java, Spring, Velocity, Hibernate, Maven, Ant, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, REST, JSON, Selenium, Perforce, Tortoise SVN, CVS, Git, Visual Source Safe, Bugzilla, JIRA, Black Flag, Team Track, RAID and other bug tracking systems, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, Bash, Skype, WebEx, IRC, Agile, Scrum, Open Source Software, Open Source Licensing, Social Media, Localization, Advanced CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JSP, ASP, HTML/XML, HTML5


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